Insight is able to continue our valuable projects with the assistance of the following generous sponsors:

Benson Radiology, Avant Mutual, Soonta and GPEx

Benson Radiology

Benson Radiology was formed in 1958 and has a well-deserved reputation as a leader in diagnostic and interventional radiology.

With 43 radiologists and 22 clinics across South Australia, we are one of the nation's largest private radiology practices and remain owned and operated by our radiologist partners.

Benson Radiology's team of experienced specialists across the State use the latest technology and imaging techniques to provide doctors and their patients with the highest quality imaging and patient care.


Avant is a mutual, not-for-profit organisation, owned by our members. We’re financially strong with growing net assets and a reward plan offering loyalty benefits in years when we perform well.

We offer expert medicolegal advice and assistance to over 60,000 health practitioners and students.

Avant has the largest “in-house” legal team of all medical defence organisations in Australia, with over 40 lawyers nationally, providing high quality legal services and personalised support in a cost effective manner, as well as rapid response to urgent medicolegal issues.

Through our licensed insurance subsidiary, Avant Insurance Limited, we offer a range of insurance products to health practitioners and students throughout Australia.

Students: click HERE

Interns and RMO's: click HERE


Opening their first doors on Waymouth St almost 13 year ago, Soonta has now expanded their franchise stores across South Australia.

Their purpose: “Eat. Love. Food. Fun”, encourages customers to live a healthy and happy life. Soonta’s fresh Vietnamese menu of bread rolls, salads and food bowls are prepared every day.

They strive to provide a quick and healthy well-balanced meal to all their customers whether it be lunch or dinner!

Indigenous Program Sponsors


GPEx is South Australia’s regional training organisation for education and training of doctors who choose to specialise in General Practice (GP). GPEx delivers the AGPT (Australia General Practice Training) Program which is funded by the Australian Government, Department of Health.

GPEx is committed to working collaboratively with all key stakeholders and our valued partners in the overall delivery of primary health care services to South Australia.

Become exceptional, with GPEx.

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