Insight Programs

In addition to Insight’s education and fundraising events, we also have two major programs which conduct a whole range of different activities.
Insight Indigenous Program

The Insight Indigenous Program began in 2012 with the aim of providing medical students with hands-on opportunities in Indigenous healthcare, and inspiring them to pursue clinical practice in Indigenous communities after graduating. The program has three main components:

  • Education and cultural competency training
  • Specialist and GP Outreach Trips
  • Mentoring

The education component is spearheaded by the Cultural Communications Workshop, an evening course for students interested in learning more about Indigenous Australian history, culture and healthcare inequities. The workshop also provides training in culturally appropriate clinical practice, to equip students to work effectively with Indigenous patients in both urban and rural settings. Attendance at the workshop is a pre-requisite for students applying for the Insight Outreach Trips and the AMSS APY Exchange. The incredibly popular Outreach Trips are hands-on clinical placements where students join visiting doctors on their trips to Indigenous communities. Currently, there are clinical placement opportunities available in General Practice, ophthalmology and paediatric cardiology. We also strive to create opportunities for medical students to mentor Indigenous high school students who are interesting in pursuing a career in medicine or healthcare. 

Insight Indigenous Program
Insight Refugee Health Initiative

Established in 2013 by Deeva Vather and Katherine Watson, the Insight Refugee Health Initiative facilitates recently-arrived refugees within Australia in accessing health care by providing education and health promotion. In partnership with Life Without Barriers, we tutor refugee children, who have arrived in Australia without their parents, about general health topics such as proper food hygiene, diet, exercise, and sleep. In partnership with the Lutheran Community Centre, Blair Athol, we also tutor adult refugees about the Australian health care system. The ultimate aim is to maximise health literacy amongst these individuals and improve their general health. Any students (pre-clinical or clinical, medical or dental) are encouraged to get involved.