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Insight was started in 2004 by Dr Andrew Perry and Dr Stephanie Davis, two medical students at The University of Adelaide. They felt that there was a lack of available opportunities for medical students to gain an understanding and contribute towards alleviating the injustice of global health inequality.

Insight was established to address three aims as outlined in our Constitution:

  • To promote awareness and understanding of health issues in developing communities, and the multiple factors that contribute to these;
  • To provide and promote opportunities for active involvement within communities; and
  • To raise funds for various projects, both existing and created by Insight, to improve health inequalities.

In its infancy, Insight was a Subcommittee of the AMSS. As Insight grew, we gradually became much more autonomous and self-sufficient and in 2009, Insight became independent from the AMSS. The process of becoming independent allowed us to register Insight as a charity with the ACNC, and aligns with our growing focus on the inclusion of health students from all health disciplines. We now have members from many different professions, and in particular have a very strong medical and dental student profile.

Insight is now 12 years old, and we’re incredibly excited to see how it grows and changes into the future!

2020 Executive Committee

Joanna Richards

Raelene Emmanuel

Shyanne Premnath

Vi-Seth Bak

Sponsorship Officer
Yeji Kim

2020 Committee Members

IT Officer
Sonnay Uy

Aid Project Officer
Mahima Raju

Crossing Borders Representative
Niamh Rees

Dentistry Officer
Kawai Jonathan Cheung

Education Events Officer
Bora Hyoung

Events Coordinator(s)
Poonam Rajput
Rozhin Teimournezhad

Green Representative
Abby Mather

Indigenous Health Officer
Shaun Gerschwitz

Memberships Officer
Luke Cialini

Pre-Clinical Officer
Elizabeth Johnson

Publications Officer
Yonina Yang