In 2019 Insight partnered with Airborne Aid to assist in providing tailored medical and aid donation packages to travellers heading around the world.  Working together, we hope to help Airborne Aid make an even greater impact, and extend their reach through all of our members and students at the University of Adelaide. If you are heading overseas at anytime, don’t forget to check out their website and register to be an aid transporter.

Airborne Aid – -Zero cost, zero waste, big impact!

Airborne Aid’s mission is to share health, share humanity, and reduce waste, by giving every traveller the opportunity to deliver tailored medical aid right to where it is needed. Airborne Aid provides its services and donation packages free of charge, and relies on donors, grants, awards, and volunteers to do so. In 5 years of operating, Airborne Aid has delivered over 1436kg, or nearly 1.5 tons, of medical aid, to 36 countries across the globe. This aid is valued at over $311,133, and has been delivered at no cost to anyone.

In order to receive a free, tailored medical aid donation package, visit, and register your details. An aid package will be tailored to your receiving healthcare facility, which will be prepared and transferred to you prior to your departure. Then you deliver the package, and provide the proof of delivery to Airborne Aid. It’s a great, easy, free way to increase the impact of your elective, minimise waste, and share health and humanity. Register now to ensure availability!