Executive and Committee Nominations 2024

Current Executive Nominations:
  • President:
    • Devanshu Garg: Insight is an organisation with an amazing mission that certainly makes it a very appealing society to be a part of. But societies are built by the people, and from my experience, the Insight committee is an stellar group of individuals that are really fun to get along while also having great work ethic. The reason that I am very interested in applying for Insight President is because I would love the opportunity to work with and lead this amazing set of individuals towards our common mission of increased awareness of health inequity and issues of global health. As a president I hope to work with the other exec in leading the whole committee towards our effective function, while also empowering every individual to upskill through their committee role.
  • Sponsorship:
  • Secretary:
    • Yashika Paul: This year I was the Education co-officer for Insight and it was my first time being part of anyof the Med Societies, and while slightly intense during GHSC, I found the experience highly valuable in developing my time-management and organisational skills. I would definitely be interested in putting myself in posiitons that are out of my comfort zones in the future too, as I know Insight’s values and vibes are very supportive and encourage new members of the team to grow/learn. I would also love to be part of the exec and get a behind-the-scenes snapshot of how the committe is run. Thank you!
  • Treasurer:
    • Samantha Yong: I am interested in applying for the role as Insight’s treasurer as I would like to help manage its finances and maintaining the budget. I enjoy administrative work and have good organisation and time-management skills, so I believe I can manage the budget effectively and collaborate with the rest of the exec team and other committee members to ensure that our events run smoothly throughout the year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for this role!
  • Vice President:
Current Committee Nominations:
  • Code Green Representative:
  • Crossing Borders Representative:
    • Dorisa Nasserian & Advayee Ramesh: Being both from immigrant backgrounds, Advayee and I are passionate to raise awareness and inspire students to get involved about issues surrounding refugee health. Australia has a very diverse community, many of whom might be refugees and people seeking asylum or know someone who is. We want to provide a space for those interested to be able to learn more and assist in their own ways. As students of different cohorts, we want to bridge the gap between the health faculties and promote multi-cohort engagement in our campaigns, workshops, rallies, and events. We feel as though the current global situation is a very publicised, where it is becoming evident that people are lacking knowledge about the situation. Hence, why it is important to continue to increase individuals’ understanding and advocate for those who may not be able to do so for themselves. 
  • Dentistry Officer:
  • Education Officers (x4):
  • Events Coordinators:
  • Indigenous Health Officer:
  • Information Technology Officer:
  • Publications Officer:
    • Vanshika Arya: As a dentistry student involved in making online educational videos, I find exploring my creative aspect to be incredibly rewarding, particularly when it involves collaborating with other individuals from various fields. With a strong emphasis on creating blogs for achievements and future goals, I believe I have the creativity, passion and ability to work with others to create the required brochures to attract greater sponsorships. With an incredible inclination towards organising and scheduling, I find the role requirement of drafting the Insight calender to be exciting as it coincides with my interest of organising and creating planners that other teams can use and refer to.