Book title Author Edition Year Copies
Spirit Sphygmomanometer (as can be purchased from unibooks) Spirit Gray colour
Gray's anatomy for students - FLASH CARDS -  Gray's anatomy Red box
Clinically oriented anatomy  Moore and Dalley 5th 2006
Principles anatomy and phsyiology tortora and derickson 11 2006 2 copies
living anatomy robert marshal first 2001
human anatomy john hall second
neuroanasthesia judith dinsmore first
an introduction to anasthesia I. harley fourth
cardiac anasthesia fredrick a hensley fourth 2008
cardiac anasthesia fredrick a hensley fourth 2008
Understanding anasthesia p.j. simpson fourth
essentials of anasthestic equiptment baha al-shaikh second
clinical anasthesia paul g barash sixth
clinical anasthesiology g. edward morgan fourth
anasthesia for day case surgery jan jacobson 2009
CARDIO (cardiovascular) and RESP (pulmonary)
Pathophysiology of Heart Disease Leonard S. Lilly 2nd  1998
Pathophysiology of Heart Disease Leonard S. Lilly 4th  2007
essentials of mecanical ventilation dean r. hess second 2002
Selected volumes from the Oxford Cardiology Library (4 books in a box, new in plastic) Oxford Cardiology Library -
cardiovascular care made incredibly visual lippincot and williams
handbook of nephrology and hypertension christopher s wilcox fifth 2005
echo made easy sam kaddoura 0 2002
essentials of diagnosis and treatment in cardiology michael h crawford 2002
the interventional cardiac catherizaiton handbook mortin j kern second 2004
cardiology crash course al-obaidi second
nunn's applied respitory physiology andrew b lumb sixth
core topics in airway management ian cowder 0
Pulmonary pathophysiology - Lange Physiology Series Juzar Ali, Warren Summer, etc 2nd 2005
pulmonary rehabilitation john . E. hodgkin fourth
essentials of bed side cardiology jules constant second
mosby's respiratory care equiptment j. m. chiro seventh
fundamentals of respiratory care robert .l. wilkins ninth
the cardiovascular system at a glance philip .i. aaronson third
understanding health hellen keler oxford
promoting health lyn talbot fourth edition
behavioural medicine in primary care mitchel d. feldman second
HIV, viral hepatitis and STIs - a guide for primary care ashm 2008 edition
HIV and hepatitis C - policy, discrimination, legal and ethical issues ashm 2005
HIV management in australia - a guide for clinical care ashm 2003
aborigional primary health care sophie couzos second 2005
clinical intensive care and acute medicine ken hillman second
Emergency medicine - the principles of practice Gordian W O Fulde fourth 2005
Emergencies in critical care - Oxford Martin Beed, Richard Sherman 2007
ABC of spinal cord injury david grundy fourth
intensive care - churchill pocketbooks simon m whiteley second
manual of emergency airway management ron m walls second
quick reference to critical care nancy h. diepenbrock second
acute pain management pamela e mackentire third
ABC of resuscitation t. r. evans fifth edition
emergency medicine manual stuart dilly fourth 2006
case files emergency medicine Toy second
manual of difinitive surgical trauma care kenneth d boffard third
emergency medicine david yates third
wound care made incredibly easy lippincot and williams 2003
ABCDs of emergency medicine peter stuart sixth edition
intensive care medicine richard s irwin third
trauma ernest e moore fifth edition
total burn care david herndon second
textbook of adult emergency medicine peter cameron second
emergency and trauma care for nurses and paramedics kate curtis 2001
oxgford handbook of accident and emergency medicine j. p . Whyatt second
oxford handbook of acute medicine oxford 2000
practical emergency medicine ian greaves 2002
IV therapy made incredibly easy 2002
harrisons principles of internal medicine - volume 1 and 2 braunwald fiftheenth 2001 2 copies
Harrison's Manual of medicine Kasper, Braunwald, Fauci 16th 2005
Oxford handbook of acute medicine Punit Ramrakha / Oxford 1999
Oxford handbook of accident and emergency medicine oxford 1999
Eye emergency manual - an illustrated guide Statewide opthalmology service / NSW health 2007
Emergency medicine at your fingertips Dr Wayne Hazel 2004
Oxford handbook of accident and emergency medicine Oxford 2003
flippin' blood red cross 2006
cardiovascular system one step doc jonathan aron 2004
haematology c hatton seventh 2004
essential haematology a v hoffbrand fourth
practical transfusion medicine michael f murphy third
wintrobe's clinical hematology john p greer 12th
transfusion medicine in practice jeniffer duguid 2002
patient blood management guidelines 2003 national blood authority 2012
scientific basis of transfusion medicine anderson nass second
pediatric handbook - SA government 2010
the harriet lane handbook robertson seventeenth edition
pre test peadiatrics robert j yetman 12th
the care of the pediatric patient second edition
an illistrated textbook of paediatrics tom sissauer second edition
pediatric handbook royal childrens hosp melbourne melbourne RCH seventh
advanced paediatric life support BMJ books third edition
There's no such thing as a silly quesiton (guide for families living with chronic sick child) interACT 2007
250 cases in clinical medicine R.R. Baliga 3rd 2005
Stedman's Medical Dictionary Stedman's 28th 2006 2 copies
Common clinical cases: a guide to internship Santayana Senanayake 1st 2005
Westmead: Pocket anaesthetic manual Anthony P. Pawley 2nd 2004
Stedman's Medical Dictionary Stedman's 28th 2006
Concise Dictionary & thesaurus Chambers 1st 2003
Medical dictionary for the health professions and nursing Stedman's 5th 2005
Medical dictionary Stedman's 27th 2000
Illustrated Medical Dictionary Dorland's 30th 2003
The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary Oxford 4th 2005
Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions Peter Harris 1st 2006
Pocket Medical Dictionary Dorland's 27th 2004
Pocket Medical Dictionary Dorland's 28th 2009
Emergency Medicine Gordon W. O. Fulde 4th 2005
Ion Adventure in the Heartland Dale Dubin 1st 2003
The Assessment and Management of Acute and Chronic Pain in Australian Health Care Jill Mitchell 1st 2004
Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests Diana Nicoll 3rd 2003
Surface Anatomy: The anatomical basis of clinical examination  John S.P Lumley 3rd 2006
Oxford's Dictionary of Sports Science and Medicine Michael Kent 3rd 2006
Pathologic Basis of disease- Robbins and Cotran Robbins and Cotran - Kumar, Abbas, Fausto 7th 2005
Atlast of Pathology - Robbins and Cotran Robbins and Cotran - Klatt 1st 2006
Packet companion to guytan and hall - textbook of medical physiology Guytan and Hall 2012
Human Physiology - from cells to systems Lauralee Sherwood 6th 2007
General pathology vivas david lowe 2004
Pathophysiology - concepts of altered health states - 7th edition Carol Mattson Porth 7th 2005
Gangon's Review of medical physiology Kim E.Barrett 2012
2012 Essen tial Med notes Jesse M.Klostranec 2012
Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology Martini 6th 2004
Pulmonary Pathophysiology John B.west 2008
Robbin's basic pathology Kumar 7th 2003
A brief atlas of the skeleton, surface anatomy and selected emdical images Gerard J.tortora 2006
Anatomy and physiology Saladin 5th 2010
Textbook of medical physiology Guyton and Hall 11th 2006
Respiratory Physiology - the essentials John B.West 8th 2008
Respiratory Physiology - the essentials John B.West 7th 2005
Pathophysiology concepts of altered health states Carol Mattson Porth 8th 2009
Pathophysiology concepts of altered health states Carol Mattson Porth 7th 2005
Review of Medical physiology William F. Ganong 22nd 2005
Cecil textbook of Medicine Goldman, ausiello 22nd  2004
Clinical medicine Kumar and Clark 5th 2002
Guide to medicines and prescription drugs 2005
Intravenous mediacations Betty L.gahart 19th 2003
Pharmacokinetics made easy Donald J Birkett 2002
Pharmacology Examination and Board review Anthony J. Trevor 7th
Pharmacology H.P.Rang 5th 2003
Sthaphl's Essential Psychopharmacology Stephen M. Stahl 3rd 2008
USMLE Road Map pharmocology 2003
The pharmacological Basics of therapeutics Laurence L.Brunton 11th 2006
Basic and clinical pharmacology Bertram G. Katzung 9th 2004
Basic and clinical pharmacology bertram G. Katzung 10th 2007
Medical Pharmacology at a glance M. J. Neal 4th  2002
Pharmacology Condensed M. Dale, D. Haylett - 2004
NURSING Edition: 
A Sociology of Mental Health and Illness Anne Rodgers 3
Mental Health and Mental Illness Lippincott 7
Medicinal Meanings William S Haubrich 2
Adverse Syndromes and Psychiatric Drugs Peter Haddad et al. 1
Nursing Adults The Practice of Caring Chris Brooker 1
Interpersonal Relationships Elizabeth Arnold 4
ACCCN's Critical Care Nursing Doug Elliott 1
Nursing Care Plans and Documentation Lynda Juall Caprnito-Moyet 4
Foundations of Community Health Nursing Stanhope Lancaster 1
Cardiothoracic Surgical Nursing Carl Margereson 1
Nursing and Midwifery Research Zevia Schneider 3
Renal Nursing- A Practical Approach Bobbee Terrill 1
Renal Nursing Nicola Thomas 3
Research in Nursing and Healthcare: Evidence for Practice Beverly Taylor 3
Wound, Ostomy and Contience Nursing Secrets Catherine Milne 1
The Clinical Placement- An essential guide for nursing students Tracy Jones 1
Nursing Pharmacology Made Incredibly Easy Lippincott 1
Practical Nursing Calculations Valda Hext 3
Gerontological Nursing Kristen Mauk 1
Study guide to accompany Nursing Research Kathleen Rose-Grippa 5
Nursing-Sensitive: State of the Science Diane Doran 1
PeriAnesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum Donna Defazio Wuinn 1
Care of People With Diabetes Trisha Dunning 2
Ausmed's Pocket Nursing Dictionary U. N. Panda 2
Oxford Dictionary of Nursing Tanya McFerran
High Acuity Nursing Kathleen Wagner 4
Reflective Practice in Nursing Chris Bulmann 3
PeriAnesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach Cecil Drain 4
Lewis's Medical Surgical Nursing Di Brown 2
High Dependancy Nursing Care Tina Moore 1
Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging Touhy 3
Critical Care Nursing Diagnosis and Management Linda Urden 6
Harvard's Nursing Guide to Drugs Adriana Tiziani 7
Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing Maureen Farrell 1
Professional Learning in Nursing Jenny Spouse 1
Evidence Based Falls Prevention Carole Eldridge 2
Anatomy and physiology made easy (for nurses) inderbir singh 2005
Mosby's gide to nursing diagnosis Gail. B. Ladwig 2006
Mosby's pocket dictionary of medicine, nursing and allied health Mosby 4th edition 2002
MRCP 2 Neurology for for PACES JB Peiris 1
The neurology short case John G.L. Morris 2nd 2005
Neurology in Clinical Practice Walter Bradley 4
Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated Kenneth Lindsay 4
Brain Tumors Lauren Abrey 4
Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience Jean Paul Macher
Physiological Basis of Aging and Geriatrics Paolas Timiras 3
Palliative Medicine A Case Based Manual Neil MacDonald 2
Geriatric Medicine N. Coni 6
Complementary and Alterative Medicine in Rehabilitation Eric Leskowitz 1
Current Geriatric Diagnosis and Treatment C. Seth Landefeld 1
Practical Guide to Geratric Medicine Ranjit N Ratnaike 1
Health Promotion and Aging David Haber 5
Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology Raymond C Tallis 6
Psychaitry Core Clinical Cases Tom Clark 1
Textbook of Psychiatry B K Puri 2
New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry Volume 2 M. G. Gelder 2
Abnormal Psychologh An Integrative Approach David Barlow 4
Dopamine in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Schizophrenia Shitij Kapur 1
Essential Surgery - problems, diagnosis and management H. George Burkitt, Clive R. G. Quick, etc 4th 2007
Instrumentation for the Operating Room Shirley Tighe 7
Laproscopic Anti-reflux Surgery J. A. J. L. Broeders 1
Surgery at a Glance Pierce Grace 3
Textbook of Surgery Joe Tjandra 3
Current Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment Lawrence Way 11
Clinical Gastroenterology Nicholas Talley 2
Surgery Casebook Bruce Jarrell 1
Clinical Surgery A Cuschieri 2
Fundamental Skills for Surgery Robert Davies 3
Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery Jane Rothrock 12
Basic Surgical Skills Manual Iain Skinner 1
Basic Surgical Techniques R M Kirk 3
Current Consult Surgery Gerard Doherty 1
Surgery at a Glance Pierce Grace 2
Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery The Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract 2008-2011
Advanced Surgical Practice Aljafri Majid 1
Clinical problems in General Medicine and Surgery  Peter Devitt, Juliet Barker, etc 2nd  2003
Cell and Molecular Biology Desikan Rangarajan 1
Molecular Biology of the Cell Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, Walter 4
Descriptions of Medical Fungi David Ellis 2
Brock Biology of Microorganisms Michael T Madigan 10
Harper's Biochemistry Robert K Murray 25
Biochemistry - Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Pamella Champe, Richard Harvey, etc 3rd 2005
Medical Microbiology Patrick R Murray 4
Dictionary of Biomedical Sciences Peter J Gosling 1
Principles and Techniques of Practical Biochemistry Keith Wilson 5
Notes on Medical Microbiology Morag C Timbury 2
Immunology Lecture Notes Ian Todd 5
Immunology at a Glance J H L Playfair 9
Flesh and Bones Immunology Matthew Helbert - 2006
Microbiology and Infection Control for Health Professionals Gary Lee 2
Brock Biology of Microorganisms Michael T Madigan 12
Microbiology and Infection Control for Health Professionals Gary Lee 4
Basic Immunology Functions and Disorders of the Immune System Abul K Abbas 3
Microbiology and Infection Control for Health Professionals Gary Lee 3
Biology Campbell, Reece, Meyers 8
Biology Campbell, Reece, Meyers 7
Textbook of Biochemistry with Clinical Correlations Thomas Devlin 6
Biology Campbell Reece 7th  2005
Communication skills for medicine Lloyd and Bor 2nd 2004
Acute Pain Management a Practical Guide Pamela Macintyre 3
Pain in Childbearing Key Issues in Management Margaret Yerby
Approaches to Pain Management Joint Commission Resources
Pain Management made Incredibly Easy Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 1
Textbook of Pain Stephen McMahon 5
Acute pain management: scientific evidence Aus and NZ college of anasthetists and faculty of pain medicine 2 2005
 Assorted and clinical examination
Oxford handbook of clinical medicine Murray Longmore 7th 2007 2 copies
The Patient History - evidence-based approach Lawrence Tierney
Clinical examination - a systematic guide to physical diagnosis Talley and O'Connor 5th 2006
Murtagh's General Practice Companion Handbook Murtagh 4th 2008
Textbook of Physical Diagnosis - history and examination Swartz 5th 2006
Chest X-ray made easy Jonathan Corne 2nd 2005
Measuring Occupational Performace Mary Law
Making sense of the ECG - A hands-on guide Andrew R. Houghton 2nd 2003
Resume Writing Made Easy Lola Brown 7
Evidence-based Medicine Workbook Paul Glasziou 1
Resumes for Nursing Careers The Editors of VGM Career Books 2
Writing Research Transforming Data ito Text Judith Clare 1
Assignment and Thesis Writing Jonothan Anderson 4
Writing for Publication in Nursing Marilyn Oermann 1
a-z of Medical Writing Tim Albert 3
Scientific Writing Easy when you know how Jennifer Peat 3
The Practitioner as Assessor Sue Howrd 1
The Complete PLAB M A Mir 1
MRCP 2 Passing the PACES J Gray 1 revised
Navigating Problem Based Learning Samy Azer 1
MRCS System Modules: Essential Revision Notes C Parchment Smith 1
Surgical Short Cases for the MRCS Clinical Examination Catherine Parchment Smith 2
Critical Care Secrets Polly Parsons 3
Medicine Essential Preparation for Medical Finals David Cockshoot 1
MRCS Core Modules Essential Revison Notes Sam Andrews 2
Medical Finals Passing the Clinical Cristopher Moore 7
Core Clinical Skills for OSCEs in Medicine Tim Dornan 5
Core Clinical Skills for OSCEs in Medicine Tim Dornan 2
Pre Test Microbiology James D Kettering 12
Pre Test Microbiology James D Kettering 13
Case Files Pediatrics Toy 3
Pre Test Physiology Patricia J Metting 13
Examination Medicine Nicholas Talley 6
Lecture Notes on Clinical Skills Christ Hatton 4
Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgement Rosalinda Alfaro-LeFevre 3
Crash Course History and Eaxmination Allan, Marsh 2
Health Assessment and Physical Examination Mary Ellen Zator Estes 3
Textbook of Physical Diagnosis Mark Swartz 6
Murtagh's Practice Tips Murtagh 5
Macleod's Clinical Examination Churchill Livingstone, John Munro 10
Clinical Problems in General Medicine and Surgery Peter Devitt 2 2005
Macleod's Clinical Examination Graham Douglas 11
Introduction to Clinical Examination Michael J Ford 8
Examination Medicine - A guide to physician training Talley and O'Connor 5th 2006
On Call Principles and Protocols Marshall and Ruedy's 2
Essentials of Diagnosis and Treatment Lawrence Tierney 2
Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests Jacques Wallach 7
Illustrated Signs in Clinical Medicine KC McHardy 1
Practice Tips John Murtagh 4
Evidence Based Medical Consultation Daniel Steinberg 1
Evidence Based Medicine How to Practice and Teach EBM Sharon Straus 3
Evidence Based Management A Practical Guide for Health Professionals Rosemary Stewart 1
Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests Diana Nicoll 3
Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination Henry Seidel 6
Churchill's pocketbook of differential diagnosis Andrew T. Raftery 2001
Clinical examination - a systematic guide to physical diagnosis Talley and O'connor 5th  2006 3 copies
A guide to the use of diagnostic instruments in eye and ear examinations Welchallyn 2006
A guide to the use of diagnostic instruments in eye and ear examinations Welchallyn 1996
Crash Course Ethics and Human Sciences Amarakone 1
Ethics and law for the health professions Ian Kerridge, Michael Lowe, etc 2nd  2005
Health Care Informatics and Interdisciplinary Approach Englebardt 1
Health Care and The Law Anine McIlwraith 4
ABC of Behavior Change Jacqueline Kerr 1
Difficult Conversations in Medicine Elizabth Macdonald 1
Computing and Information Management in General Practice Peter Schattner 1
Medical Statistics at a Glance Aviva Petrie 3
Critical thinking and clinical judgement - a practical approach Rosalinda Alfaro-LeFevre 3 2004
Health care ethics - principles and problems Thomas M. Garrett 4th 2001
Australasian contact tracing manual ASHM 3 2006
Genetics for Dummies Tara Rodden Robinson 2
A Textbook of General Practice Anne Stephenson 2
Substance Abuse A Comprehensive Textbook Joyce Lowinson 4
Research Skills for Medical Students Ann K Allen 1
Evaluation of Heath Promotion, Health Education and Disease Prevention Programs Richard Windsor 3
The Foot in Diabetes Andrew JM Boulton 3
Epidemiology: An Introduction Graham Moon 1
Pocket Atlas of Nutrition H K Biesalski 1
Manual of Travel Medicine Allen Yung 2
Cancer Chemotherapy Basic Science to the Clinic Rachel Airley
The Freezing Cure Cryotherapy Brian Ronthal
Anthrology of Medical Conditions Australian Medical Council
Metabolism and Nutrition Miruna Canagaratnam
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Medical Specialty Brian Freeman
An Evidence Based Approach to Vitamins and Minerals Jane Higdon
Colour atlas of histopathology R. C. Curran 3 1995
Plab digest Atish Pratap Mathur 1 2001
Cancer Treatment Haskell 5
Radiology Recall Spencer Gay 2
Murtagh's Patient Education Murtagh 5
Principles and Practice of Disinfection Preservation and Sterilization A P Fraise 4
Environmental Health in Australia and New Zealand Nancy Cromar 1
Research Skills for Medical Students Ann Allen 1
Clinician's Manual on Osteoarthritis DL Scott 1
Cardiac Imaging Secrets Neil Weissman 1
Cross Sectional Imaging Made Easy Simon Jackson 1
Handbook of Advancedd Cancer Care Michael Fisch 1
Essentials of Human Nutrition Jim Mann 2
Best Practice Occupational Therapy Winnie Dunn
Radiotherapy physics in practice J R Williams 2
A Pocket Guide to the Ear Albert Menner 1
Occupational Therapy Physical Dysfunction Catherine Trombly 5
Ear, Nose and Throat and Hand and Neck Surgery R S Dhillon 3
Hall and Colman's Diseases of the Ear Nose and Throat Martin Burton 15
Nutrition Therapy Advanced Counseling Skills Kathy King 2
The 5-Minute Urology Consult Leonard Gomella 2
Vander's Renal Physiology Douglas Eaton 6
Joint Structure and Function A Comprehensive Analysis Pamela Levangie 3
Practical Fracture Treatment Ronald McRae 4
Imaging for Students David Lisle 2
Imagaing for Students David Lisle 3
Crash Course Endocrine and Reproductive Systems Sanders, Debuse 2
ABC of Ear, Nose and Throat Harold Ludman 5
Text/Atlas of Histology Leeson
Histology - A text and atlas Michael H. Ross 4th 2003
Histology - A text and atlas Michael H. Ross 5th 2006 2 copies
Wheather's functional histology - a text and colour atlas Barbara Young, James S. Lowe, etc 5th 2006
Wheather's functional histology - a text and colour atlas Alan Stevens, James S. Lowe, etc 4th 2002 2 copies
Ob/Gyn Secrets - questions you will be asked Thomas J. Bader 3rd 2005
Womens Health: Core curriculum Martha Finn 1 2
Breast Cancer Michael Baum 3
The Breast: Comprehensive Manaement of Benign and Malignant Disease Volume One Kirby Bland 4
The Breast: Comprehensive Manaement of Benign and Malignant Disease Volume Two Kirby Bland 4
Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology Tamara Callahan 5
Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology Malcom Symonds 4 2
Practical Paediatrics M J Robinson 5
The Newborn Child Peter G B Johnson 9
A Guide for Women with Early Breast Cancer National Breast Cancer Centre 1
Pretest Obstetrics and Gynecology Karen Schneider 12 3
Williams Manual of Obstetrics Kenneth Leveno 21
Clincal Cases in Obstetrics Gynaecology and Women's Health Caroline De Costa 1 2
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Onwere 3
The John Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics Joseph Hurt 4
Handbook of Vacuum Delivery in Obstetric Practise Aldo Vacca 3
ABC of Breast Diseases Micheal Dickson 3
Crash Course Endocrine and Reproductive Systems Sanders, Debuse 2
Gynaecology Ten Teachers 19
Obstetrics Ten Teachers 19
Endometriosis Botros Rizk 2
Case Files Obstetrics and Gynecology Eugene Toy 3
Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasound Made Easy Norman C Smith 2
Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Women's Health Vivienne O'Conner 1
Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle Ruth Trickey 2
Commone Breast Lesions a Photographic Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment Samual Pilnik 1
Masters Medicine Obstetrics and Gynaecology Andrew McCarthy 2
Diseases of the Breast Jay Harris 4
HIV and hepatitis C - policy, discrimination, legal and ethical issues ashm 2005
Food, Nutrition and Diet Therapy Kathleen Mahan 11
Oesophagael Cancer Mark van Heijl 1
The miscellaneous Mystery of Esophageal Cancer: New Pathogenic and Clincal Insights Brechtje Grotenhuis 1
Essential Surgery Problems, Diagnosis and Management George Burkitt 3
Surgery at a Glance Pierce Grace 4
Essential General Surgical Operations R M Kirk 1
Pathways of Care in Vascular Surgery Jonathan Beard 1
Browse's Introduction to the Symptoms and Signs of Surgical Disease Narman Browse 4
Surgery of the Liver, Billary Tracts and Pancreas Volume Two L H Blumgart 4
Surgical Decision Making Norton 4
Basic Science for Surgeons A Review Louis Argenta 1
Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient Iain Anderson 2
Clinical Surgery a Cuschieri 2
Surgery of the Liver, Billary Tracts and Pancreas Volume One L H Blumgart 4
Clinical Problems in General Medicine and Surgery Peter Devitt 2
Fundamental Skills for Surgery Robert Davies 3
Essentials of General Surgery Peter Lawrence 4
Sabiston Textbook of Surgery Beauchamp 18
Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery Jane Rothrock 13
Instrumentation for the Operating Room Shirley Tighe 7
Essential Urologica Laparoscopy Stephen Nakada 1
Operative Solutions in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery Ashley Dennison 1
The handbook of Rural Medicine In Australia Oxford - David Wilkinson, Richard Hays, etc 2004
The Grog Book (revised edition) Maggy Brady revised edition 2005
Test texts
150 essential MCQs for medical finals Rema Singh 1999
MCQ companion to general and systemic pathology Simon S. Cross 2 1996
MCQ in clinical gastroenterology Malcom C. Bateson 1998
OSCEs for medical undergraduates R. Visvanathan volume 2 1999
Heart failure - 150 questions and answers Roberto Ferrari 2nd edition 2011
250 cases in clinical medicine R. R. Baliga 3rd 2002
Medical Secrets - questions you will be asked Anthony J. Zollo 4th 2005
Physical diagnosis secrets - questions you will be asked Salvatore Mangione 2nd 2008
Master Medicine - Systematic Pathology - a clinically-oriented core text with self-assesment Paul Bass, Susan Burroughs, etc - 2005
Master Medicine - Pathology - a core text of basic pathological processes with self-assesment Paul Bass, Norman Carr, etc - 2004
Book store type medicine and anatomy books
the body atlas - a pictorial guide to the human body  Giuliano fornari 1997
See inside human body five mile press 2009
How the body works - a comprehensive ilustrated encyclopedia of anatomy Dr Peter Abrahams 2007
Special edition books - Medical journals
Scientific American Medicine - First Bound Edition - volumes 1 and 2 Edward Rubenstein 1995
New England Journal of Medicine - Hardcover  NEJM 1990's-2000's
                                           ^^ 53 assorted volumes spanning mid 1990's to mid 2000's
gp-start - Registrar learning guide 2012 for interns Sturt fleurieu 2012
The Patient's Choice: Quality at the End of Life Rural Health Education Foundation 2011