Development Aid Grants

The Insight Development Aid Grants are dedicated to providing small grants to individuals or groups who will be undertaking a university elective or volunteer placement in a developing community.

In order to be considered, applicants must submit a proposal outlining the use of grant money to directly promote improved health outcomes in an effective and tangible way. This may be through aid provision, education, health interventions, or another suitable manner.

The purpose of the Insight Aid Grants are to provide financial assistance for requested equipment, supplies, medications, training or projects in a developing community to be visited by the grant recipient/s. The grant recipient/s will generally travel with these funds and purchase the materials and/or make their donation over the course of their time in the community.

Successful applicants of the Insight Aid Grant will be granted a sum of money, which can be used at the recipients’ own discretion, but must directly benefit the intended community.

Applications are awarded per semester:

  • Semester 1 application (to be used in semester 2 of the same year) must be submitted by midnight 31th of May, 2018
  • Semester 2 applications (to be used Semester 1 of the following year) must be submitted by midnight 1st October, 2018

Click the link below to download the application form, including all the details, terms and conditions:

Aid Grant Application Form


Please use the contact form below to submit your application or ask any questions: