Executive and Committee Nominations 2023

Current Executive Nominations:
  • President:
    • Rozhin Teimournezhad and Jeffery Sung
      • With a combined experience of 5 years across exec, committee and subcommittee roles, we will bring both experience and passion for Insight. We aim to advocate for global health and spread awareness about current and emerging global health issues. In our previous roles we have liaised and worked with medical professionals and student groups to bring a variety of events to our members. We have also been a part of almost every Insight portfolio throughout the years giving us a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of this society. As future Co-presidents, we are highly motivated to inspire and work collaboratively amongst our community, carrying on the goals, visions and initiatives of Insight. Our main goal is to build more engagement for Insight, from our committee out to our members. For our committee, we will ensure that everyone is in the loop of all the happenings though clear and concise communication. For our members, we will enhance our promotion and presence across different platforms to foster interest for global health topics. We also aim to provide more opportunities for students to get involved with global health, whether it’s through our society or of their own initiative. Together we will work our best to bring an energetic, supportive and encouraging outlook to the Insight committee in 2023!
  • Sponsorship:
    • Anjana Prabu
      • 1. PARTNERS. In liaison with partners to create and maintain contracts, I will measure the desires of sponsors in accordance with the society’s welfare and integrity. 2. PERSUADE. I shall create a desirable presentation for prospectus and MoUs via strong communication and design skills. 3. PROACTIVE. I shall coordinate sponsorship attendance and obtain relevant promotional materials prior to events. 4. PREDICT. As an executive member, I will promote integrity, accountability and pragmatism in conversation about short and long-term strategy. 5. PURSUE. I shall seek new avenues for sponsorship, both ongoing and specific partners by networking with old and new members.
  • Secretary:
    • Yasmin Luu
      • The comradery that exists between the committee and executive is something I would love to continue fostering, as it has been a highlight of my first year of Insight involvement. It would be wonderful to gain an executive member’s perspective of Insight’s inner workings, having been on the committee. I am a methodical person, evident by my validation of over 200 Semester 1 ProctorU exams in my job to ensure functionality and adherence to academic integrity. As this year’s Pre-Clinical Officer, I gained experience in liaising with the AUU to obtain trestle tables and promoting society events to my cohort.
    • Zoheb Mohammed
      • I would be honoured to be the secretary of Insight in 2023 and believe I have the passion and motivation required for the role. Studying dentistry, I would like to bring some diversity into the executive committee, hopefully attempting to get more health degrees involved in the club in 2023. In the club, despite not being a committee member, I have attended the amazing raise in 2021 and 2022, gaining an insight into the club and how it is run. I also have experience in writing minutes and organising a team through my role as the university representative for the Australian Dental Students Association which I believe will be crucial for this role.
  • Treasurer:
    • Xuan Nguyen
      • HI! As someone who has been involved with insight this year, I would love to continue to be a part of this amazing team of peopel!! With two years of experience being treasurer for two different societies (AHMS Art Society and Pathsoc), I have the background and skills needed to keep our finances in shape! :))
  • Vice President:
    • Christine Xu
      • Having had the privilege of being a part of this empowering committee in the past few years, this has truly cemented my love and passion for global health advocacy. As Vice President, I aim to:
        1. Engage. Ensuring a connection with our students from the get-go and maximising the power of word of mouth.
        2. Coordinate. Providing communication between all portfolios and ensuring a steady stream of events throughout the year.
        3. Support. Prioritising our members and creating a welcoming environment for discussions.
        I would be honoured to continue representing Insight in 2023 and fostering global health interest in our community!
    • Xuan Nguyen
      • Hi! After being secretary this year, and being involved with so many of our events, I got to see more of how Insight works and would love to keep being involved! As VP I would be a dependable and supportive aid to anyone in the exec or committee!! My particular interests include code green but I’m genuinely happy to lend a hand to anyone at any time 🙂
Current Committee Nominations:
  • Aid Projects Officer:
  • Code Green Representative:
  • Crossing Borders Representative:
  • Dentistry Officer:
    • Zoheb Mohammed
      • Global health has always been a passion of mine with me aiming to be a part of many initiatives from school up till now. I have been a part of the amazing raise in both 2021 and 2022 and would like to help keep the tradition going strong in 2023 and hopefully make some improvements to the event.
  • Education Officer(s)
    • Hayley Hepworth and Yashika Paul
      • Hayley and I both have a combined passion for global health, and have thoroughly enjoyed the GHSC and Insight Medcamp events. We believe that with our collective time-management, organisation and creativity, we will be able to execute these events to a high standard in 2023.
  • Events Coordinators:
  • Indigenous Health Officer:
  • Information Technology Officer:
    • Devanshu Garg
      • I believe in Insight’s vision of raising awareness of and reducing global health inequalities. As such, I wish to aid in this goal by getting involved with the 2023 committee. The IT Officer position would allow me to do just this, while contributing my prior skills and technological expertise.
  • Membership Officer:
  • Preclinical Medical Student Officer:
  • Publications Officer:
  • Returning Officer: