Executive and Committee Nominations 2022

Current Executive Nominations:
  • President:
    • Huy On 
      Year Level: 3

      As Insight’s President my main priorities are:

      1. Safeguard Insight’s vision and values.
      2. Supporting the committee.
      3. Modernise our events.

      I have had the honour of being Insight’s treasurer this year. I have been able to work with many portfolios, make our events happen and promote global health to the university audience. Having been in an executive position for two years now, I believe I have the skills necessary to make our committee flourish.

  • Sponsorship:
    • Rozhin Teimournezhad 
      Year Level: 3

      Being involved with insight (2019 Event organizer, 2020 Pre-clinical officer) and as an attendee of numerous health workshops has allowed me to develop great enthusiasm towards advocating for global health. From my positive experience with Insight, I have also developed a passion to engage students with Insight’s activities and events so they too can be inspired and work towards more awareness about current and emerging global health issues within the medical school.

      As Sponsorship officer, I am prepared to inspire and work collaboratively with students and sponsors to keep them engaged and inspire them with promoting insight’s values.

      Lastly, I would be honored to take on this role to continue our existing sponsors happy^^ and advocate insight to attract new sponsors while improving Insight’s accessibility to students and empowering them to get involved with global health.

    • Anjana Prabu
      Year Level: 2

      I understand maintaining our major sponsorship relationships is fundamental to the fabric of our beloved society. I will bring organisation, negotiation and sophistication, from my past training as Secretary of Insight and member of Academics Streams Team for Convention. I will propose a plan on the basis of 1. partners, 2. persuade, 3. proactive, 4. predict, 5. pursue.

      Relevant Training:
      2021: Secretary, Insight Global Health
      2021: Academics  Streams Subcommittee, AMSA Convention ‘Reinvention’
      2019: Research Intern, Aboriginal Kidney Care Together – Improving Outcomes Now (AkCTION) Project
      2018-: Volunteer and Camp Coordinator, Edmund Rice Camps South Australia
      2018-: Delegate and Mentor, yLead

  • Secretary:
    • Kara Nimon
      Year Level: 5

      I have a vibrant passion for fighting injustice and a career objective of incorporating advocacy with medicine. I want to become part of a movement contributing to change. Insight is a great society, I would love to become further involved in 2022 and work alongside likeminded individuals as we coordinate events, meet exciting organisations, and spread a positive message.

      Over the past several years I have held numerous leadership positions, and gained a great appreciation for Insight.
      Consequently I would love to apply for the role of secretary.

      Previous experience:
      – 2021: Greening Hospitals Hackathon
      – 2021: Insight Code Green Member
      – 2021: Doctors for the Environment Member
      – 2019: AMSS Event Coordinator: Jazz Night and Med Ball 
      – 2018: AdeLaides Event Coordinator
      – 2017: AMSS Convention Delegate
      – 2017: Global Health Conference Delegate

      Thank you for your consideration

  • Treasurer:
    • Suyash Jain
      Year Level: 3

      As Insight Treasurer, I want to see more events with more capacity so fewer students miss out.

      As the AUSS Treasurer this year, I have budgeted through challenging sponsorship commitments and navigated trials of new events & equipment in a financially safe manner; skills necessary for this position.

      1.      Post-event debrief to identify strengths for continued funding and weaknesses which require future alternatives.
      2.      Coordinating with sponsorship to transition short-term sporadic sponsors into longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships.
      3.      Providing prudent financial advice even faced with uncertainty and maintaining timely, transparent communication regarding event budgeting.

    • Jeffrey Sung 
      Year Level: 3

      Being an active participant in Insight (Global Health Short Course, Quiz Night, Preclin BBQ), Doctors for the Environment Australia and climate strikes, I truly care about global health.

      With experience on Insight’s Sponsorship subcommittee, I have an intimate understanding of the society and its revenues and as AMSS 3rd Year Rep, I understand the challenge of managing event budgets.

      I will facilitate the visions of the incoming Insight team by:
      1. Collaborating with event organisers to actuate their ideas
      2. Regular updates of financial position at meetings
      3. Reinforcing pre-existing rapport with our sponsors, providing transparency in semesterly reports

  • Vice President:
    • Bora Hyoung 
      Year Level: 3

      Advocacy and a desire to help the medically under-served drew me to Insight in first year. As a committed and well-involved member for the last 3 years, my understanding of the organisation and committee would be of great benefit as VP. As AMSA GH Rep I will enthusiastically open opportunities for students to get involved in national projects and connect with likeminded peers at conferences.

      Relevant experience:
      – Insight 2021 Sponsorship Officer, 2020 Education Officer, 2019 Events subcommittee
      – 2021 DEA Representative, 2020-21 Business & Divestment Group
      – 2017-19 Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation volunteer; Outreach trips to Nepal and Tanzania

    • Anjana Prabu
      Year Level: 2

      Insight is the nexus between my interest in the intersections between global health, policy and advocacy, and it is this very trifecta that inspired me to study medicine.

      As Secretary this year, I gained invaluable information into the inner workings of Insight on executive, committee and subcommittee levels. I believe this is a unique asset necessary for the success of our beloved society, and so I propose a vision on the basis of 1. Brand, 2. Plan and 3. Education.

      In the AMSA Global Health Representative role, I will increase the accessibility of national programs and with it the upskilling in policy, administration and strategy planning for our members.  In the roles exclusive to Vice President, I will act as a sounding board to empower the voices of our members.

Current Committee Nominations:
  • Aid Projects Officer:
  • Code Green Representative:
  • Crossing Borders Representative:
  • Dentistry Officer:
    • Dalena Ly 
      Year Level: 2

      While being part of the 2021 dentistry subcommittee for Insight, I saw firsthand the dedicated team efforts to organise educational and fundraising events and would love to further involve myself, and other dentistry students, in making a difference by promoting dental health in developing countries as 2022 Dentistry Officer.

  • Education Officer(s)
    • Christine Xu
      Year Level: 2

      Being one of Insight’s Events Coordinators this year has strengthened my appreciation for global health advocacy and the experience has also equipped me with skills that, I believe, would be beneficial to this role.

      As Education Officer, I will endeavour to:
      – Work closely with Insight committee members to be a voice for all.
      – Emphasise the importance of effective event advertising and the use of social media to encourage engagement.
      – Foster a strong relationship with other committees for potential event collaboration.

  • Events Coordinators:
  • Indigenous Health Officer:
  • Information Technology Officer:
    • Theodore Velkos
      Year Level: 5

      I strongly admire Insight’s values and I am keen to develop website design proficiencies and collaborate with likeminded students to help Insight promote meaningful events. My skills include Adobe Photoshop and managing social media pages as GPSN Media and Marketing Officer in 2021, and AUPS Marketing Officer in 2019.

    • STeven Zhang
      Year Level: 3

      I want to apply for this role because I am passionate about website design and development and I think I have important skills that I can bring to Insight
  • Membership Officer:
    • Reema Madike
      Year Level: 2

      I have always had a strong passion for global health and would love to make it a passion for others too!
      As your 2022 memberships officer, my goals are to engage the first years by making the O week stall and mailouts more engaging, and increase attendance at Insight events.

    • Liz Abraham
      Year Level: 3

      – Engage with old and new members with a special focus on MD 1 students.
      – Broaden insight’s reach among the community.
      – promote insight’s message of inspiring, educating and empowering while advocating for global health
      – FAB O’week stall
      – interactive mailout contents and designs
      – fun merch designs

      AMSS, AUMO & Medrevue experience
  • Preclinical Medical Student Officer:
  • Publications Officer:
    • Zakia Tamanna Saymontee
      Year Level: 3

      Next year, I want to be more active and be part of a committee that is most meaningful to me. I want to apply for the role of Publication Officer as I have a passion for making creative and eye-catching designs and enjoy showcasing my creations.

  • Returning Officer:
    • Poonam Rajput
      Year Level: 3

      Insight is a club that I am super passionate to be a part of . I have been part of Insight for the past 3 years and have helped out with all events run by the society. I am hoping with this position I can still help out and remain part of the society.